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John and Chris MickmanAbout Our Company

Since learning to make wreaths from our Norwegian born grandmother Johanna as young boys, John & Chris Mickman have enjoyed making and selling Christmas Wreaths in the family wreath business.

After founding Mickman Brothers, Inc. in 1975 the brothers began growing their own wreath business as a fundraising opportunity for youth oriented nonprofit organizations. The business grew each year as organizations all over the country learned about the great fundraising opportunity of selling these beautiful evergreen decorations within their communities. We now work with nearly 3,000 nonprofit organizations in 49 States who collectively have earned over $80 million in profits over the past 40 years!

Maintaining the tradition of careful craftsmanship learned in our early years, we have achieved a dominant position in in the marketplace due to our reputation for supplying only the freshest, highest quality Holiday Evergreens. Each and every year we strive to develop improvements in every phase of our business by introducing new products, innovative fundraising program enhancements and improvements in protective packaging – including our patented Wreath Shipping Container.

Our vision is to ‘Leave the environment in a better and healthier state than when we found it while sharing Earths natural gifts to enhance the lives of others.’ We have been honored to be recognized for our commitment to these ideals in many ways, including:

  • US SBA Award – Minnesota Small Businessmen of the Year
  • US Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service-National Action Award
  • Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources-Award of Excellence
  • Anoka County-Conservation Award

Mickman Brothers is also recognized within our community for our industry leading Landscaping, Irrigation, Tree Care and Garden Center businesses. This year we received the ‘Readers Choice’ Award by our local community newspaper as the ‘Best Landscaping Service, Irrigation Service and Garden Center’ in our market area.

These many accolades are testament to the hard working and dedicated employees that strive to be the best they can be. It is because of these devoted employees that we are confident you will be thrilled to decorate your home with our highest quality products, as you welcome home family and friends for the Holidays!

 John and Chris Mickman, Founders